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Questions for Myself

Kenneth Radnofsky
July 2012

Am I a good teacher? Am I a good model?

Do I care about my students?
If I care, do I treat them as I do my own children?
Do I foster their dreams?

Do I listen to my students?
Do my students listen to me?

Do I teach anyone and everyone?
Do my students teach?

Am I really a teacher?
Do my students teach?

Do I perform?
Do my students perform?

Am I a good performer?
Do I foster performances for my students?

Do I practice?
Do my students practice?

How do I practice? Do I show my students how to practice?

Am I organized? Are my students organized?

Am I curious? Are my students curious?

Do I learn new pieces of music?
Do my students learn new pieces of music (not just the same pieces as me)?

Do I go to concerts?
Do my students go to concerts?

Do I accept my students (many forms of acceptance)?
Do my students accept thoughts and ideas of others?

Am I a dictator, or do I offer freedom of thought in addition to guidance?
Do my students feel free to look at and practice whatever music interests them?
Do my students work towards their goals?

Am I a facilitator?
Do I share my library and office?
Are my students generous with each other?

Am I open to new ways of learning and teaching? Do I experiment with new concepts?
Are my students interested in new ways of learning?

Am I involved in the community? Do I teach local students? Do I volunteer? Do I give scholarships? Do I share my musical talents?
Do my students think about others besides themselves; do they volunteer, teach and play in their communities?

Am I committed to music education locally, nationally and internationally?
Do I lament what is wrong or do I try to make a positive difference and effect change?

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