Todd Rewoldt

Altissimo Studies for Alto Saxophone

Scales, Arpeggios, Trills, and Passages from Selected Works Presently, composers are freely writing for the altissimo register of the saxophone. What was once thought of as a register reserved for virtuosos, performance fluency in the altissimo is absolutely necessary for any aspiring saxophonist. The focus of these studies is not to teach the basics of performing in the altissimo, but to provide practical fingering patterns that will increase speed and fluency. Numerous studies are readily available that provide an introduction to altissimo fingerings, vocal/throat exercises, and patterns. However, many studies often provide numerous pages of scales and patterns that ask little more than to “play up an octave.” Saxophonists, then, are required to choose from an array of possible fingerings, often resulting in an inconsistent or “clumsy” altissimo technique. To complement those study books that provide fingerings, vocal/throat exercises, and patterns, Altissimo Studies provides precise fingerings for each pitch of the included altissimo scales, arpeggios, trills, and passages from the repertoire. These fingering patterns are designed specifically to increase speed and fluency in altissimo performance of the alto saxophone.

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Title:Altissimo Studies for Alto Saxophone

Instrumentation:Alto Saxophone


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