Mohammed Fairouz

Three Novelettes

Mohammed Fairouz’s Three Novelettes is a journey through a relationship, depicting conflict, isolation, and finally reconciliation. The first movement is written in a Modernist style, the piano and saxophone often at opposition. In the second movement, Fairouz weaves in elements of the Jazz idiom as the two instruments independently reflect on their isolation. The third movement is joyous and energetic, combining elements of Tango and musical theater.

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Title:Three Novelettes

Instrumentation:Alto Sax and Piano

Series:Music of Our Time

Year Composed: 2008

Duration: 12'

Score: 1

Parts: 1

Tags: 20th Century, American, lyrical, dance, tonal, atonal, heavy

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I. Cadenzas

II. Serenade

III. Dance Montage

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