Shih-Hui Chen

Fantasia on the Theme of Plum Blossom

The musical material of this piece is derived from a popular Nankuan melody, "Plum Blossoms" Nankuan, a traditional southern style Chinese/Taiwanese music, dates back to 500AD. This melody serves as a basis for a fantasia, which springs into three sections of music with two cadenza-like solo passages in between them. This elegant Nankuan melody is first subtly introduced in fragments, while a more complete melody isn't presented until the end of the piece. Fantasia on the Theme of Plum Blossom for Saxophone and Piano was commissioned by the World-Wide Concurrent Premieres & Commissions Fund, Inc. and is dedicated to Ken Radnofsky.

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Shih-Hui Chen

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Title:Fantasia on the Theme of Plum Blossom

Instrumentation:Alto Sax and Piano

Series:Music of Our Time

Year Composed: 2012

Duration: 12

Score: 1

Parts: 1

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Movements and Recordings

Artist: Todd Rewoldt

I. Fantasia

II. Ten Thousand Blooms

III. Plum Blossoms

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