Juan Ruiz

Duos para saxofon y cello

Avenue Beach (Myths and Legends)
Juan Ruiz

Parade that adorns the avenue
full of music, costumes, stories and joy.
With its drums and rhythms,
that without rest come taking away all our fears.

A drum that fulfills our hearts.
When its struck the chande awakens its dancers.
The saxophone starts the party,
with its sound awakens each myth....
and makes them a reality.

Translated by Karen Cubides

Juan Ruiz

The Distance of my Land,
wrapped in a forest
full of natural riches.
A place where a melody is hidden,
full of hope and joy.

The Distance of my People,
where nights are full of murmurs.
Accompanied by games and laughter.
That is this distance that I dream about.

The Distance of my Soul.
Distant from everything, distant from the world.
But always close to my land,
to the games and my melody
which makes me live.

Translated by Karen Cubides


Juan Ruiz

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Title:Duos para saxofon y cello

Instrumentation:Alto Sax and Cello

Series:Music of Our Time

Year Composed: 2011

Duration: 7'30

Score: 1

Parts: 2

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