Damon Zick

Hector, Desmond, and Titus

Hector, Desmond and Titus was inspired by characters from Edward Gorey's alphabet book "The Gashly Crumb Tinies". The slightly macabre illustrations in the book helped shape the music used throughout the work. The opening melody hints of a Middle Eastern adventure and leads to a driving section in an off kilter 7/8. Originally composed for jazz quintet, it has been adapted for the saxophone quartet. Optional solos in the baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone and alto saxophone parts can be expanded to tailor the piece for your own quartet.


Damon Zick

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Title:Hector, Desmond, and Titus

Instrumentation:Saxophone Quartet

Series:Music of Our Time

Year Composed: 2013

Duration: 5

Score: 1

Parts: 4

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Artist: Encore Saxophone Quartet

Hector, Desmond, and Titus

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