Carl Nielsen

Two Fantasy Pieces, Op. 2

Editor’s Note: Carl Nielsen’s early Fantasia, is comparable to two short stories. They are early works, not the novels of the later Symphonies, the Woodwind Quintet, the Flute Concerto or the Clarinet Concerto. They are two vignettes written with the same care and artistry, a first movement is written a similar style as Schumann’s Three Romances or the Fantasy Pieces for Clarinet and Piano and a ‘running’ second movement, which has a Tchaikovsky kind of excitement. The work was originally written for oboe and piano, and while virtually unknown to the general public, it is of a quality so high as to be inexplicable in its relative anonymity. - Kenneth Radnofsky Copyright © 2012 by Kenneth Radnofsky. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.


Carl Nielsen

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Title:Two Fantasy Pieces, Op. 2

Instrumentation:Soprano Sax and Piano


Year Composed: 1889

Score: 1

Parts: 1

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Artist: Kenneth Radnofsky

I. Romanze: Andante con duolo

II. Humoresque: Allegreto Scherzando

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