Felipe Lara


per quartetto di saxofoni

Capriccio was written for the Boston-based Radnofsky Saxophone Quartet in 2003. The work was composed in ten days and premiered at Tufts University in February of 2004. The ensemble is treated as one instrument, creating the illusion of a “super-sax”, and explores the virtuosity and agility of the instruments. The piece gradually progresses towards the extremes (register, dynamics, intensity). Harmonically there is a preoccupation with progression, though not in the traditional sense. Tutti and solo passages are superimposed and juxtaposed along the course of the composition. Whether I want it or not, this piece reminds me of my early jazz influences (even though I explicitly tried to avoid it during its creation).


Felipe Lara

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Instrumentation:Saxophone Quartet

Series:Music of Our Time

Year Composed: 2003

Duration: 10'

Score: 1

Parts: 4

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Artist: Radnofsky Quartet (Live)


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